The Commish is a necessary component of any legitimate sloshball outing. The Commissioner should be a well-respected man within the community, possess little to no sloshball ability (hence his desire to avoid actually playing), dress like a gentleman (preferably in a tuxedo) and keep the flow of the games going as all involved descend into the abyss of debauchery.

Here are a few of the responsibilities of the Commish:

  • Keep the beers flowing at 2nd base. When the Commish hands you your beer, you drink it. No complaining.
  • Determine whether a boat race is necessary (almost always yes).
  • Judge aforementioned boat race.
  • Look sharp
  • Perform mid-inning keg stands.
Commish Look Sharp


Commish 2nd Base

His Duty

Commish Keg Stand

Stay hydrated!