Standard baseball/softball rules apply with a few key changes as noted below:

  1. You are not playing baseball. You are not playing softball. You are playing SLOSHBALL. Beer drinking is as much as part of the game as making outs and scoring runs. If you try to avoid drinking beer to enhance your play in the field ....Don't! It is not only against regulations, but I can promise you will be reprimanded by your peers.
  2. Play as many innings as you want. Be sure to account for the amount of beer you have.
  3. Teams do a boat race to determine home and away teams. The team that wins the boat race, chooses home or away (in the field first or batting first).
  4. Pitch to your own team. There are no walks.
  5. Strikeouts occur when a player does not hit a ball in fair play by the 3rd pitch.
  6. 2nd Base
  • When a player reaches 2nd base, that player must stop at second and chug a beer (size of beers determined by the commissioner and each team must be treated equally) before moving on to 3rd base.
  • That player can leave 2nd base anytime after the beer has been finished whether its on the same play or a future play.
  • Multiple players can accumulate at 2nd base and 2nd base only. There is never a force out at third so a player is never forced to leave 2nd base.
  • Players must advance from 2nd base in the order they arrived, no passing. Although multiple players can run at the same time and score together.
7. Disputes - Disputes occur more frequently as the game goes on and the kegs get lighter (go figure). Settle all REASONABLE disputes like gentlemen, through boat races.
  • A dispute over a play between two players, such as being thrown out at first, or tagged out at home can be settled in a 1-on-1 boat race to save time.
  • Larger disputes such as disputes over the rules that cannot be settled by the Commish, should be settled in a team vs. team boat race.
Good times

This guy knows the rules! Do you?